Combining Many Framed Images Into A Group Display For Your Residential Wall

One current trend in residential picture frames is to make an artistic centerpiece group of framed images displayed closely together on one or two walls. These combined frames can take different shapes and formats. Here are a few organizational ideas for creating a centerpiece frame group in your residence: Multi-Frames - One way to display multiple images is with a multi-frame. This singular picture frame is constructed of many different sized frames that are combined into one large group.

Learn How An Interior Design Firm Can Help You Properly Stage A Home You Plan To Put On The Market

When you plan to put your home on the market, it is important to make sure that it is as visually appealing to potential buyers as it can possibly be. There are many people who do not realize how important staging a home really is. If you are selling a home that you do not currently live in, use the guide that follows to learn how interior design firms can help you stage the home to sell as quickly as possible.

Teach Your Teenager How To Make A Glittery Curtain To Hang In Her Room

Teenagers often enjoy being able to express themselves artistically and allowing them to show their unique style by decorating their room the way they want to can be a great way for them to express themselves in a productive way. If you have a daughter who loves glamour and glitz, consider allowing her to create glittery curtains to hang on her windows. The guide below walks you through the quick and easy process of turning any set of curtains into shimmery works of art.

How To Keep Your Carpet In One Piece

If you've just gotten new carpet, no doubt you're walking around on it in socks or bare feet, marveling at how soft the carpet is. New carpet is definitely lovely, and you have to take a few figurative steps in order to keep the carpet in great shape. All of these steps are quick to take care of, and some you just have to do once. Put out the Welcome Mat