Tropical Touch: Interior Design Tips For Decorating Your Home Tropical Style

The best thing about tropical style decorating is the fact that you can enjoy a touch of the tropics all year long, no matter where you live.  Tropical-style decorating is naturally warm, cozy, and inviting. Discussing with your interior designer what you love most about the tropical lifestyle will help you work together to create an interior look you will be proud to call home.

Natural fibers

Adding natural fibers to your tropical home is an easy way to give it a tropical feel. Choose upholstered dining room chairs in sage green or oatmeal fabrics to create a soothing color palette. Add seagrass-wrapped items for décor, such as pitchers, placemats, or hurricane lamps.

Add rugs made of jute, sisal, or seagrass to pull the room together. These natural fiber rugs are perfect for barefoot living and will look great as an accent rug or room-size rug.

Cues from the coast

When it comes to tropical decorating, all you need is mother nature for a guide. What coastal colors stick out to you when you think about your favorite tropical paradise? Think about incorporating soothing sea shades of blue into your home's interior or warm beige to mimic a sandy beach.

Lush greenery

No tropical look would be complete without lush greenery scattered throughout your home. Add at least one large potted tropical tree to a room and round out the look with smaller plants displayed on a tabletop or accent table. If you do not have a green thumb, choose beautiful faux plants that look natural, and only you will know they are not real.

Seaside accents

Look for seashell decor to accent your tropical home. Seashell lamps, tabletops, and curtain toppers in a shell pattern will enhance the tropical look. Rattan benches and weathered accent tables will make perfect coastal companions to your tropical decorating will provide a sensory connection to the outdoors.

Tropical pops of color

A nature-inspired neutral color theme is a great thing in tropical decorating, but too much neutral can get a little boring. Adding a pop of tropical color to your interior will enhance but not distract from the neutral theme. A good choice for a tropical decorating theme is soft shades of coral, which can bring to mind a coastal sunset or the beauty of lovely hibiscus flowers.

What is there not to love about the tropics? The thought of soothing seas, warm breezes, and the colors of nature foster feelings of peacefulness and relaxation. Your own tropical paradise can be created within the walls of your home when you choose a tropical interior design theme.

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