Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Have you decided to install wood kitchen cabinets because of their attractiveness and guaranteed strength and durability? These cabinets are outstanding and will improve the functionality of your kitchen for many years. But it's crucial to remember that they are bound to get some scars, marks, and scratches over time. You don't expect them to remain the same after a decade.

However, if you follow the recommended maintenance guidelines, you can maximize their lifespan and ensure they look great many years later. Some of these tips are shared below. 

Regular Cleaning

When maintaining sanitation in the kitchen, most people primarily focus on the counter, sink, splashbacks, and floor. However, cabinet exteriors get dirty because they are exposed to steam, grease, and food splatters. The wood cabinets can accumulate crud from food, sticky fingerprints, and grime. So, as you clean other parts of the kitchen, don't forget to wipe the cabinet surfaces.

Since they are made of wood, you'll need to be cautious about moisture issues. First, don't place dump dishcloths on the cabinet doors, and if you spill anything on them, wipe them dry with a soft cloth. Also, don't put damp dishes into the cabinet. To avoid moisture issues, you may place shelf liners in the drawers or cabinets.

Only Use the Cabinets for Their Recommended Purpose

Although you might not think about this often, your wooden kitchen cabinets have weight limits. This means you cannot exceed a certain weight if you want to keep the cabinets longer. Unfortunately, most people like to maximize the storage space and shove many items into the cabinets. This practice takes a toll on the material, forcing it to deteriorate quickly, sag and break. Excess weight will also weaken the hinges and force them to break.

So, after installation, ask your contractor about the wood cabinet weight limits. Each drawer will have a specific weight load it can take at a time. Consider storing smaller items in the top drawers, then the large and heavier ones at the bottom. The weight of the things you keep in the cabinets should be evenly distributed. Also, have decluttering schedules regularly to throw away or donate unused, expired, or broken items.

Be Gentle With Your Cabinets

How many times do you slam cabinet drawers or doors unintentionally? This often occurs when your mind is focused on something else like cooking, a discussion, or when rushing to work. While this might not be intentional, it will damage the wood cabinets over time. So, be gentle or install cabinet door dampers.

Reach out to a kitchen cabinet retailer to learn more.