Interior Design Isn't Just About Colors And Styles

The popular concept of interior design services is that they focus on colors and styles. Although those elements are part of the job, interior design also builds on these five other elements. 


Which furnishings you install and where you place them is about more than looks. Interior design services firms can help you address ergonometric concerns. Buying furniture that's the right height for you and your household members can make the entire space more comfortable. You can also position furniture to maximize comfort in terms of lighting, climate control, and positioning within the room.

Visual Coherence

Style isn't just about liking things. Coherence is critical to good interior design. When a designer plans a space, they want to achieve a visual theme. A customer might want a clean and open living space, for example. The designer would take that cue to explore options that fit the accepted definitions of contemporary or modern design. Consequently, the design would employ simple and clean lines. Wherever there are contrasts, they would be stark.

Even if you want something a little moodier and less overtly organized, visual coherence matters. A bohemian interior design elevates when it has continuity as opposed to random stuff.

Traffic Flow

You have to live with an interior design. Traffic flow is important to the livability of any room. Even if only a couple of adults live in the house, they need to be able to get around the furnishings, fixtures, and appliances. For that matter, they have to get around each other. Interior design professionals want each space to permit flow to adjacent areas. Also, they want you to be able to use the room's features. Especially if someone in the household requires accessibility, a design with good flow can make a notable difference.


When you enter a room, the entryway frames it. How you frame a room gives the viewer their first impression. A poorly framed room shapes later impressions in terms of openness, continuity, and lighting. If the framing makes the room look inviting and vibrant, visitors will have more favorable opinions.


Modern houses integrate more features than ever before. Video and audio systems are central to home theaters and living rooms. The same goes for appliances, islands, and counters in kitchens. Bathrooms need to integrate sinks and showers. Even how the windows frame the exterior and let in light is important. How you integrate those components will determine if viewers feel the interior even has a design.

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