Why Custom Picture Frames Are A Better Option Than Pre-Made Frames

Walk into any department store and you are likely to find picture frames in various sizes, shapes, and colors. However, not all frames are created equal. Custom-designed picture frames can enhance the beauty of your home and offer you endless choices in color and design style.

Custom frames are a perfect fit

If you have photos or art prints in uncommon sizes, it can be difficult to find a frame that is not in a standard size at your local big box store. Using a custom framing service means you never have to worry about having photos enlarged and not being able to find a frame that fits. Custom frames allow you to enlarge that special family portrait or purchase that oversized art print you fell in love with at the flea market.

Custom frames enhance the interior design

If you are creating a beautiful gallery wall in your home, it will likely become the focal point of the room. Choosing custom picture frames will help you design a gallery of photos that matches your interior style. Whether you are looking for ornate designs or a special finish, custom frames will not disappoint.

Custom frames offer better protection

Do not entrust your precious family photos or art pieces to a cheap frame that may not be acid-free. Inexpensive picture framing materials may contain chemicals that can rub off on your photos and lead to yellowing or deterioration of the photos. Choosing archival quality picture frames will prevent dangerous chemicals from leeching into your photos, and special ultraviolet glazing on picture frame glass can protect your photos from sun and light damage.

Custom frames are unique

Purchasing picture frames at the local department store means you probably have the same frames as your friends and neighbors. Custom frames give you a one-of-a-kind look that nobody else has in their home. They are also a great option if you want a frame in an unusual color to add a pop of color to a wall grouping.

With all the picture frames available at local stores, it can be tempting to just grab an inexpensive frame for your photos and art prints. Unfortunately, the quality of frames is often compromised by the cheaper price tag. Choosing custom picture frames is a better option and will ensure you get unique frames that fit properly, enhance your design style, and protect your treasured photos and art.

For more information, contact a local custom picture frame manufacturer.