4 Reasons You Should Consider Installing A Loft Ladder In Your Home

When it comes to interior design, a loft ladder may be the last thing on your mind. You may wonder why you should even bother to install a loft ladder, or if it will make a difference. While a loft ladder may not be the most exciting feature in your home's décor, it can add character to your living space and at the same will provide a safe way to access your loft.

(1) Loft ladders provide safety

If you are using a standard ladder or a chair to access an open or enclosed loft space, you already know what a hassle it can be to drag the ladder from the garage or storage shed to get into your loft. You may even avoid using your loft space due to the hassle of climbing up an unsteady ladder or standing on a wobbly chair to gain entry. A loft ladder provides a safe and stable option for accessing your loft.

(2) Loft ladders can add character

Loft ladders do not have to be boring, especially those used in open lofts that double as an additional bedroom or sitting area. Select a loft ladder to match your interior design style. Choose a dark wooden ladder for a rustic or farmhouse style home or a metal ladder for modern and contemporary homes.

(3) Loft ladders can add color

For a neutral colored living space, a loft ladder can provide a pleasing pop of color and maybe all the room needs to give it an updated look. If your living space is already filled with dark colors, a loft ladder in white or unfinished wood can calm down the boldness of the colors in the room.

(4) Loft ladders can expand your living space

If your loft space is empty because it is too difficult to access, you are missing out on using all the square footage in your home. An enclosed loft space can be used for storing seasonal items and will free up closet space in other rooms. An open loft equipped with a sturdy ladder can be used for an extra guest room or a small home office.

While loft ladders may not get a lot of attention in interior design, adding one to your living space can make a big difference. Having easy access to your loft will give you additional space. From safety measures to expanding your useable living space, installing a loft ladder in your home is a wise decision.