Three Spaces Inside Your Home That Are Ideal For Vinyl Flooring

When you're evaluating various flooring options in advance of a home renovation, it's easy to adopt the mentality that hardwood is the only way to go. There's no doubt that this material offers a high degree of visual appeal and can also help the value of your home, but you need to know that it's not the only way to go. Working with an interior design consultant can help you to be aware of the other flooring materials that are worth thinking about, as well as why they can be smart to use. Some interior designers will recommend high-end vinyl flooring. Here are some rooms that are ideal for vinyl.


Your bathroom is a perfect spot for vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is durable enough that it resists water, and given that the toilet, sink, and bathtub can all potentially spill water onto the floor of this room, you need to choose a flooring type that won't get damaged. The softness of vinyl flooring underfoot can also make it a good choice in this space, and the fact that it doesn't feel as cold as tile can be ideal for when you're using the bathroom with bare feet. Vinyl flooring is available in many designs, making it easy to find something that will match your vision for your bathroom.


The entranceway of your home is another spot for which you should seriously consider vinyl flooring. Visually, you'll have no trouble finding a design that makes this space warm, bright, and welcoming — and that suits the overall look and feel of your home as a whole. Functionally, vinyl flooring is ideal in this space because people and pets can sometimes carry water into your home on their shoes, boots, and paws. With vinyl flooring, you don't need to worry about water damage. Muddy footprints are also easy to wipe off a vinyl floor. With a tile floor, the grout between the tiles can get stained.

Laundry Room

You may also want to consider vinyl flooring for your laundry room. In addition to its water-resistant properties, you'll find that this type of flooring is durable. Sometimes, a washing machine can vibrate to the point at which it slides around on the floor a little. With a hardwood floor, scratches could result. The durability of vinyl flooring typically makes it hard to scratch, and even if the floor were to sustain damage, this type of flooring is affordable enough that redoing this room wouldn't break the bank.