Remodeling Your Bathroom? 3 Trends To Consider For Your Walls

From new sink and tub faucets and an elaborate frameless glass shower to ceramic tile in mosaic designs, remodeling your bathroom with the help of a company like DC Interiors & Renovations can be a fun and valuable project. Most of the design process will involve choosing new fixtures, tile, cabinets, and counters, but you can add some unique style to your bathroom with different updates, coverings, and colors for your walls. Here are a few unique trends to consider for your new bathroom's walls.


If you follow home décor blogs or watch popular interior design shows on television, you probably have heard the term shiplap. While it is becoming more and more common, most people do not really know what shiplap is.

Shiplap is basically a paneling for walls. It consists of thin wooden boards that are connected together tightly on a wall. In most cases, shiplap pieces are installed horizontally on the wall, but you can also place the thin boards vertically.

Consider painting the shiplap a bright white to align with the clean, crisp look of your newly-renovated bathroom. If you prefer a more rustic design, leave the shiplap pieces in their natural wood state or stain them using a finish that resembles walnut wood or oak furniture.

Neutral Colors

Neutral paint colors are often used by builders and homeowners because they work well with most design styles and personalities. In the past, these paint colors consisted of white, cream, and eggshell. Today, neutrals are classified in a bit different manner, allowing you to add some color without making a terribly bold statement with your design choices.

Some of the newer neutral paint colors are light blue, sage green, gray, lavender, and greige. Greige is becoming one of the hottest paint colors because it combines a classic neutral color, beige, with a new neutral color, gray.

Using one of the newer neutral colors to paint your walls can add some of your unique personality to your bathroom without having regrets about your color choice in the future.


If you could have the best of both worlds in terms of style and function when covering a bathroom wall, would you consider it? Of course you would!

Style and function are both possible when installing shelving on one or more walls during your remodel.

Shelving systems are available in a variety of styles, so finding a functional look suited to your remodeled bathroom's look will be easy.

If you are creating a rustic, farmhouse bathroom, opt for chunky wood shelves. The wood shelves can be left natural or stained to match other wood elements in the bathroom.

If your bathroom will be more modern, consider floating glass shelves.

No matter which style you choose, shelves can add personality while giving you a surface to store or display towels, toiletries, and decorative items.