Soak Away Your Cares: How To Create Your Own Bathtub Spa Experience

Do you long for a trip to the spa for some pampering and stress relief but don't want to spend a fortune? Maybe you worry about privacy and find it hard to relax in a public setting. Why not treat yourself to a spa experience right in the comfort of your own home? It's easy, inexpensive, and you can enjoy the luxury every day if you wish.

Clean and declutter

To create a relaxing atmosphere, you should begin by cleaning and decluttering your bathroom. Clutter is distracting and can make it difficult to relax. Clear off bathroom counter tops by storing toiletries in a cupboard or cabinet.

When cleaning, avoid harsh chemical cleaners that can leave irritating scents in the air; select natural or unscented cleaners. You want to aim for a fresh and clean smell, as scented cleaners can be overpowering and trigger allergies in sensitive individuals.

Do a mini makeover

The smaller size of bathrooms makes them easy and inexpensive to decorate. Replace worn shower curtains and window curtains. Neutral colors work well for creating a relaxing space. Choose lacy curtains or sheers in soft shades of white, beige, or gray.

Keep wall décor to a minimum. Shop for framed art and choose one picture to use as a focal point on a wall. Some good choices are relaxing beach scenes or tranquil outdoor scenes that make you feel peaceful.

You may want to visit your local garden shop and ask them what plants would grow well in a bathroom. If space is limited, select a small plant to set on a cabinet. If you have a larger bathroom, you may want to place a large potted plant in a corner.

Add luxury bath towels

Nothing ruins a spa experience like stiff and worn towels. Do not skimp on towels. Purchase the best bath towels and wash cloths you can afford. Oversized towels work best. Avoid bright colors, and stick with neutral and earthy shades like taupe, cream, antique white, and gray. When laundering towels, avoid using fabric softeners, which can cause the towels to become stiff over time. Follow the laundering instructions on the label to keep your towels soft and luxurious. Look at companies like Classic Turkish Towels for more information.

Finishing touches

Add some ambiance with candles, but avoid scented candles. Real candles tend to create a more relaxing atmosphere than flameless candles. Place small votive candles in the corners of your bathtub.

Select bubble bath or bath salts in a scent that appeals to you. Inexpensive brands often work as well as their expensive counterparts if you want to keep the cost down. Look for a variety of bath sponges and accessories to add to your home spa.

Download some relaxing tunes to stream to your favorite technology gadget or phone. Choose songs that make you feel good but avoid loud and brash tunes. Spa music should soothe your soul and help you relax.

Don't forget the wine. Herbal tea is also a good beverage for your spa experience. Treat yourself to some elegance by using a long-stemmed wine glass or a delicate tea cup.

Creating your own spa at home will pay off in great rewards. You will save tons of money, and you will be able to indulge in your spa experience as often as you want. Your spa bathroom may even become your favorite room in the house.