2 Ways You Can Update Your Kitchen To Make It Your Own

If you have just moved into a new house, there may be things that you weren't thrilled about but were willing to change when you moved in. One of those things may be your kitchen. If it wasn't the kitchen of your dreams, there are things you can do that will help it become more like what you want. 

Painting/Staining Your Cabinets

One thing you can do is to repaint or restain your cabinets. Just changing the surface color can make a bigger change than you might think. For example, if you have a small or dark kitchen, you can paint your cabinets white or some other light color, or use a light colored stain, like oak or pine, can open up your kitchen and make it feel brighter. Or you could completely change the doors on your cabinets and put doors that have glass in them instead, so you can see what is in the cabinet without having to open them. Putting glass front cabinet doors will keep things in your cabinet safe, but make it look more open. 

Painting Your Appliances

You may be surprised to find out that you can paint your stove or refrigerator if you want to. Stainless steel appliances are very popular and you can get the look without having to replace your appliances. The way to do that is through appliance paint. There is paint that has small flakes of stainless steel in it. That means that when you paint it on your refrigerator, the paint will be nice and shiny. Your appliances will look like they started out as stainless steel and not harvest gold underneath some stainless steel paint. You will have to make sure that the appliance is very clean, and you will have to apply at least one layer of primer before you use the stainless steel paint. If you are going to paint your stove or oven, you will need to make sure that you get a high-temperature paint. That is designed specifically for an oven or stove. 

If you don't want stainless steel because you are looking for something fun instead, you can try using blackboard paint. You can leave notes on the blackboard paint, and it's a great idea if you have little children. 

If you are looking for ways to update your kitchen, but you aren't sure where to start, you can always contact an interior decorator and see what they may suggest. Contact a business, such as one that specializes in interior design service, for more information.