Combining Many Framed Images Into A Group Display For Your Residential Wall

One current trend in residential picture frames is to make an artistic centerpiece group of framed images displayed closely together on one or two walls. These combined frames can take different shapes and formats. Here are a few organizational ideas for creating a centerpiece frame group in your residence:

  • Multi-Frames - One way to display multiple images is with a multi-frame. This singular picture frame is constructed of many different sized frames that are combined into one large group. This shaped frame can be a made of wood or metal and can take over an entire display wall. This multi-frame structure can consist of a plain frame of a singular color to allow the framed drawings, paintings, or photographs to be the center of attention. When planning the structure of a multi-frame, it is very effective to use images of the same coloration, design, and subject matter so that they form a cohesive whole when viewed together.   
  • Nested Frames - This style of frame group combines small to large picture frames that are displayed in concentric squares, rectangles, triangles, or circles. These frames can fit perfectly into each other or be staggered with a bit of space between each one. Nested frames look best when constructed of thick decorative frames that are vastly different from each other in style, color, and texture. The resultant frame group can be used for an unconventional mirror or image. 
  • Corner Frames - This style of picture frame combines a number of individual frames that are stacked horizontally and vertically to create one large frame group that wraps around the corner of a room. A corner frame allows images to be displayed on two adjacent walls of a room. The walls can form either a convex or concave angle. The choice of images framed by a corner frame is best suited to one subject and one color combination. 
  • Diagonal Frames - This group of combined frames uses only frames that have one or more diagonal sides. These diagonal frames are each hung separately but displayed very close together. These frames work well when they are either all textured frames or all untextured frames to create a cohesive centerpiece group. 
  • Personalized Frames - This style of frame takes the images within the frame and brings them out onto the actual frame itself. This can be done with multiple copies of the framed image or with other complementary images like maps, drawings, decorative papers, and other flat textures. Double and triple frames can be nested together, each with a unique, but complementary, covering. 

Joining multiple images and frames together takes planning an organization before you begin to construct your frame group. It is best to lay out your images and plan how each image will lead to the next adjacent image. You can build these types of frame groups yourself if you have a workshop and a large table. You can also have these frames created by a professional frame shop by giving them the artworks, measurements, and a precise drawing of where each artwork is to be placed. Making these centerpiece frame groups can be a very fun and creative endeavor. All you need is a little time and a great idea to make a truly memorable centerpiece in your residence. Click here to learn more about picture framing.