Teach Your Teenager How To Make A Glittery Curtain To Hang In Her Room

Teenagers often enjoy being able to express themselves artistically and allowing them to show their unique style by decorating their room the way they want to can be a great way for them to express themselves in a productive way. If you have a daughter who loves glamour and glitz, consider allowing her to create glittery curtains to hang on her windows. The guide below walks you through the quick and easy process of turning any set of curtains into shimmery works of art.   

Choose the Right Curtains

The first thing your teen needs to do is to choose the curtains that she wants in her room. The curtains need to be made from a solid material that is not slippery or shiny. The glitter will not stick properly to satin, silk, or any sheer fabrics. Cotton, linen, and jute are your best fabric options for this type of project.

Choose the Perfect Design

Next, your daughter needs to decide what king of design she wants on the curtain. She can choose to simply have glitter spread throughout the whole curtain, create a design of different shapes, or even trace a stencil to create a very intricate design.

Create the Design

Next, have your daughter layout the curtain so that it is flat on a table and then draw the design that she wants to create with a fabric pencil. The pencil will not stain the curtain and can easily be wiped away with a wet cloth when she is finished. Use fabric paint and a paint brush to add color to the design that she wants to create. Allow the paint to dry overnight so that the paint has time to fully set before continuing.

Add the Glitter

When it is time for your daughter to add the glitter to the fabric, be sure that she takes her time to ensure that glitter does not get all over your house. She needs to get a dab of fabric glue on a paintbrush and spread a thick layer over the design that she painted. She then needs to dip a separate paintbrush into the glitter she wants to add to the curtain and flick the brush over the glue. The glitter will fall off of the brush and onto the glue. Have her repeat the process until glitter is added everywhere she wants the glitter to be added. Allow the glue to dry a few hours before allowing her to hang her curtain.

The glitter will stand out when she hangs the curtain because of the pop of color she added to the curtain before adding the glue. The light should shine off of the glitter to create the shimmery look she wanted.